A themed Altar/Mandap/stage decoration is probably one of the most important features of a wedding venue. Often the center of attraction, most wedding plans use the wedding stage a focal point where all eyes must be drawn.

A wedding Altar, Mandap & stage decoration setup must, therefore, be spectacular, where the bride and groom can bask in royal splendor.

Dream Occasions also specializes decoration for wedding and similar types of events in Chicago and elsewhere in the world.

We offer bespoke bridal stage decoration and wedding decorations services for differently-themed wedding celebrations.

We have the best wedding planning teams and designers who will work with you from start to finish. They will make sure you can achieve your vision and see your dream come alive from blueprints to the actual stage design.

Our expert and professional stage decoration teams can help you create the best wedding designs, based on your chosen theme.

We take the time to meet and sit down with every client, to make sure we understand every aspect of design that you want for your dream wedding.

We will help you create a complete checklist of everything that you will need to set the stage for the perfect wedding celebration.

Dream Occasions